Not Just Classroom Learning

At Hugh Baird College, we're not just about classroom learning; we're about opening doors to real-world experiences and meaningful engagements with employers.

During the first term of the current academic year, we've delivered a diverse array of events to students in partnership with our employer partners. Take a look at how these events are helping shape our learners into well-rounded, industry-ready professionals:

OESAA Academy Live

On October 11 and 12, we hosted the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) Academy Live event, which brought together automotive industry employers and students. The event featured on-the-spot training, interactive presentations, and live demos from a plethora of automotive brands.

On the second day, students from our Automotive and Engineering programs engaged in talks and workshops with notable brands like Schaeffler, Varta, and Bilstein, enriching their academic experience with real-world insights.

Film and Gaming Event with CyberHub Trust

Hugh Baird College, in partnership with the CyberHub Trust, hosted a captivating day dedicated to the world of film and gaming. Held in the Balliol Road Campus Sports Hall, this event saw students from various disciplines immerse themselves in the film and gaming sectors, with guest speakers like Kristin Ellingson offering deep dives into industry insights.

Hydrogen Village Visit: A Glimpse into Clean Energy

Plumbing students visited the Cadent Gas Hydrogen Village in South Wirral. This eye-opening visit provided them with a firsthand glimpse into the future of clean energy, delving into the technical and economic aspects of hydrogen energy. The students are also visiting the project as part of their preparation for an employer-led project with Cadent Gas.

The Hydrogen Village is a project aiming to transition a village from natural gas to hydrogen by 2025 to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen as a cleaner alternative energy use in houses.

Health and Social Care Collaboration with Afton House

The Health and Social Care Level 2 Transition class took their learning beyond the classroom by collaborating with Afton House. The students designed and planned various activities aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of care home residents, providing a valuable community service and gaining hands-on experience.

L20 Hotel School's Achievements at the AoC Conference

L20 Hotel School students showcased their hospitality skills at the Association of Colleges (AoC) conference in Birmingham.

Their work experience at the event included serving refreshments to over 600 attendees and was a testament to the practical application of their learning and their ability to represent our college with excellence.

BTEC Sport Group's Project with Waterloo Tennis Club

BTEC Sport learners collaborated with Waterloo Tennis Club recently, led by Coach John Fenton. The project, part of their ‘Development and Provision of Sport’ unit, involved addressing real challenges faced by the club, like competition, facility maintenance, and the need to expand their membership and demographic reach. Our students, divided into small groups, researched sports participation, development initiatives, and funding sources.

They developed proposals with strategies for the club’s growth and presented their solutions, combining theoretical learning with practical application.

Level 3 Uniformed Service's Insightful Visit to Fulwood Barracks

Students from our Level 3 Uniformed Services course had a unique opportunity to experience life at Fulwood army barracks. Their visit included exploring the facilities and engaging in problem-solving and team-building activities, providing a realistic glimpse into military life.

Fashion Industry Insights with John Oates

Our fashion students were treated to an industry workshop led by John Oates, a veteran in the fashion sector. His extensive experience with notable brands offered students a real-world perspective on the fashion industry and its various career paths.

Delving into the World of Whisky

Our Level 2 L20 Hotel School students enjoyed a fascinating session about the history of whisky, led by Darren Boyd-Preece from The Dram Gift Shop. This talk not only broadened their knowledge but also provided a cultural perspective on this iconic beverage.

Textile/Surface Design with Tom Sutton

Tom Sutton, a designer/maker and associate professor at Bolton University, delivered an engaging talk to our Level 3 Art and Design students about the intricacies of being a Textile/Surface Designer. This session offered valuable insights into a specialised field of design.

Comic Con Liverpool

Our Creative Arts, Hospitality, and Travel students recently had the unique opportunity to volunteer at Comic Con Liverpool. They played a key role in managing celebrity photo sets and offered face painting services, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees.

Healthcare Interpretation Insights from Miss Sumia Afif

Miss Sumia Afif, a freelance interpreter for the NHS and Bupa healthcare, shared her experiences and roles in medical interpretation with our Healthcare students. Her talk emphasised the importance of language and communication in healthcare settings.

Criminology Insights from Emily Spurrell

Emily Spurrell, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, provided our Sefton Sixth Form College A-level Criminology students with a real-world perspective on crime and police issues. Her talk brilliantly linked their academic studies to practical applications in the field of criminology.

Merseyside Sports Partnership's Talk on Sports Development

The Merseyside Sports Partnership provided our BTEC Sport students with an engaging talk about sports development and inclusion initiatives. This session helped to broaden their understanding of the role of sports in community and personal development.

Marketing Strategy Masterclass for Sports Students

Our Sports students received invaluable insights from Management Consultant, Chris Lewis, who conducted a masterclass in marketing strategy. This session was a unique opportunity for students to learn about the application of marketing principles in the sports industry.

Beauty Techniques from Concordia Clinic

John from Concordia Clinic introduced our Beauty Students to modern techniques like dry needling and cupping.

This workshop not only taught them new skills but also offered insights into the evolving trends in the beauty industry.

T-level Healthcare Science Students Tour Liverpool Clinical Labs

In preparation for their upcoming work placements, our T-level Healthcare Science students toured Liverpool Clinical Labs. This visit, guided by Jane Harrison Williams, offered a peek into the professional world they will soon enter.

Skincare and Aesthetics Session with PELLE Aesthetics

Stacey and Jen from PELLE Aesthetics engaged our beauty students in an informative session about skincare, aesthetics, and the beauty industry. This interactive talk provided our students with a deeper understanding of the various aspects of skincare and aesthetic treatments.

Industry Expectations in Barbering with Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore from Hunts Cross Barber Shop provided a practical insight into the barbering industry for our students.

Her discussion about industry expectations, benefits, and required skills was an invaluable learning experience for those aspiring to enter the barbering field.

Floral Design Students at the British Florist Association Floricon Exhibition

Our Floral Design students participated in the British Florist Association Floricon Exhibition, where they attended masterclasses with employers and industry experts. This exposure to professionals in their field offered them a unique perspective on floral design and its career opportunities.

Health Sector Careers Talk by Adam from AlcedoCare

Adam from AlcedoCare offered our Health and Social Care students a comprehensive view of various careers in the health sector. His talk provided insights into the diverse opportunities and roles available in this ever-evolving field.

L20 Hotel School Students Collaborate with Renowned Chef Adam Reid

Our Hospitality and Catering students from the L20 Hotel School had the remarkable opportunity to work alongside the renowned chef Adam Reid of The French restaurant in Manchester. They assisted in preparing, cooking, and serving a spectacular menu, gaining hands-on experience in high-end culinary arts.

Hospitality Insights from Everton's Executive Chef Ciaran Symonds

L20 Hotel School students enjoyed a day of learning from Executive Chef Ciaran Symonds at Everton Football Club.

The discussion about match day hospitality and job opportunities in the sector provided practical insights into the world of hospitality and event management.

A-level Law Students' Visit to Liverpool Crown Courts

Our A-level Law students visited the Liverpool Crown Courts for a two-day observation of court procedures. This experience allowed them to visualise the criminal process, enhancing their understanding of what they study in their criminal law courses.

Hairdressing Insights from Hollyoaks' Sophia Mayers

Sophia Mayers, a talented hair stylist from the TV programme Hollyoaks, shared her professional journey with our Hairdressing students. Her transition from salon owner to working behind the scenes at Lime Pictures offered an inspiring glimpse into the diverse career paths in hairdressing.

Travel and Tourism Students Meet EasyJet Alumni

Our Travel and Tourism students had the exciting opportunity to meet and learn from cabin crew members of the airline EasyJet who are former students at Hugh Baird College.

This reunion provided current students with real-life insights into working in the airline industry, bridging the gap between academic learning and professional reality.

Automotive Industry Insights from Autotech Academy

Gemma from Autotech Academy visited our Level 3 Automotive students to discuss the progression routes available through the Autotech Academy. Her talk covered employability skills, CV help, and the range of job opportunities available in the automotive sector.

Cabin Crew Students Host 'The Ball of Conspiracies' Event

Our Cabin Crew students attended the 'The Ball of Conspiracies' event at the Invisible Wind Factory, showcasing their skills in hosting and event management.

This participation provided them with practical experience in a real-world event setting.

Health and Social Care Q&A with Paramedic Jade

Jade, a paramedic from West Midlands NHS Trust, engaged our Health and Social Care students in a Q&A session about her day-to-day role and career progression. This interaction offered valuable insights into the life and responsibilities of a healthcare professional.

L20 Hotel School Level 3 Students Explore Street Food Business

During the final week of their street food assignment, our L20 Hotel School Level 3 students visited Duke Street Market. This visit included discussions about starting a business, providing them with practical knowledge about entrepreneurship in the food industry.

Construction Courses Enhanced by Starship Partnership

Our partnership with Starship has allowed us to integrate cutting-edge building techniques into our construction and trades courses.

Wirral-based company Starship Group, established in 2020, is known for its carbon-zero construction credentials and the utilisation of innovative technology specialising in constructing high-quality, affordable, and net-zero homes. This collaboration ensures that our students are learning the most advanced methods in the field.

Health and Social Care Students Inspired at Nursing Live

Health and Social Care and Access to Higher Education recently attended Nursing Live at ACC Liverpool, gaining invaluable insights into the nursing profession. Organised by the Royal College of Nursing Group, the event featured interactive workshops and seminars, highlighting the latest in patient care and healthcare technology. It was an excellent opportunity for students to network with nursing professionals and explore various career paths.

CPD Courses for Electrical Installation Students with eFFIX

In collaboration with eFFIX, we launched a series of CPD courses for our Electrical Installation students. These courses focus on safety and practical skills, with incentives like toolkits for completion, ensuring our students are well-prepared for their future careers.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Collaboration

Thanks to Ben and Annette from Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, our new cohort of BTEC and T-level Health and Social Care students learned about potential work placements at their hospitals, with 43 students already completing the application process.

This roundup of activities and initiatives highlights our commitment to providing students with diverse and enriching engagements with employers that will help prepare them for successful careers and meaningful contributions to their communities.

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