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Mission & Strategic Plan

We’re one of the leading providers of education and training in Merseyside, but we’re always striving to do more. Our mission and our core values help us determine an effective strategy for the future.

To inspire, challenge and transform lives.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The College is in a prime position to respond to the challenges and opportunities its sees developing over the next two years. We have taken a view that it is our key responsibility to “Do the Right Thing” in terms of the integrity with which we develop and deliver our curriculum, the way we collaborate with employers, the wide range of provision we feel is needed by our students, our response to local and national developments

and the support we provide to all of our staff and stakeholders. These are exciting times for the College and delivering our Strategic Plan will enable us to build further on this excitement and approach the future with confidence.

Download Strategic Plan 2019-21

Strategic Aims

Our strategic aims form the basis of everything we do at Hugh Baird College, supporting our overall strategy of demand-led growth and outstanding quality in all our provisions.

  1. Maximise the opportunities of working with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to meet local and regional skills needs.

  2. Provide a challenging, well-thought out and evidence-based curriculum offer that reflects local need and is implemented with integrity and in the best interest of all learners.

  3. Embed outstanding employer engagement across the College to enrich learning and develop the employability skills of all.

  4. Maintain a robust and sustainable financial position to support a highly effective operation which meets and exceeds the demands of external stakeholders.

  5. Deliver fun and unmissable lessons that learners enjoy, attend and which support them to make progress and achieve their potential.

  6. Create an estate that fulfils the local community's aspirations.

  7. Invest in the creation of an education estate that supports raised aspirations for learners of all ages.

  8. Empower staff to act with integrity within a solution focussed culture.

Core Values

Across all our campuses, all our provisions and our whole organisation, we share a common set of core values at Hugh Baird College. These are the values which define who we are. They help us understand how we should behave. And they guide us in all the work we do.

Our values support our current endeavours and our vision for the future, and they’re based on our experience in education and training. They are values which help us to set the best of examples to our students, our staff, our partners, and the community around us.

Core Values

Each of our values has been carefully chosen to represent who we are as an organisation, and how we do things at Hugh Baird College.

  1. Integrity and honesty: we act honestly, ethically and legally in all we do

  2. Openness: we are open to new ideas and share knowledge

  3. Trust and mutual respect: we treat everyone with fairness and integrity

  4. Courage: we have the courage to act on our convictions

  5. Social Responsibility: we are responsible to our colleagues, students and the environment where we live and work

  6. Accountability: we are accountable for our actions and seek to improve lives

  7. Excellence: we strive for excellence in all we do