Employer Stakeholder Pledge

Futureproof your organisation and shape the workforce of tomorrow.

Do you want to help shape the workforce of the future, recruit and strengthen your talent pipeline and benefit your local community? Then join our Employer Stakeholder Pledge.

Hugh Baird College recognises the importance of actively engaging and working with businesses. Through our pledge we aim to further build on our industry partnerships by placing employers at the heart of everything we do and exciting our students about the world of work. There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to working with us and we are open to new partnerships and ways of working together for mutual benefit.

By joining our Employer Stakeholder Pledge you will:

  • Gain access to a future talent pool
  • Inform how and what we teach
  • Help close skills gaps
  • Access bespoke training to upskill your staff
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Gain access to guidance on funding opportunities
  • Have access to our campus facilities

Why does the Pledge matter?

  • Provides employers with access to a wider range of talent, attracting individuals into their industry, closing any skills gaps and bringing a fresh perspective to their business.

  • Helps with the promotion of job, apprenticeship, internship, placement and work experience opportunities.

  • Helps to raise an organisations’ profile within the local community through enagement with students and their parents.

  • Supports employers with their corporate social responsibility commitments.

  • Provides an insight into employers’ expectations and the behaviours and skills required for a successful career.

  • Broadens their knowledge of career pathways and different industry sectors.

  • Raises their future aspirations and enhances their progression outcomes, including their social mobility.

  • Provides the College with a greater understanding of the changing skills demands of employers in different industries.

  • Supports the development and futureproofing of the College’s curriculum, making it relevant to industry and aligning it with the skills employers are seeking.

  • Drives improved opportunities and outcomes for the College’s students.

The Employer Stakeholder Pledge

The Pledge is FREE to join and all employer involvement is welcome, whether you are a large organisation, SME or micro business.

By joining our Employer Stakeholder Pledge, we are both agreeing to one or more of the following:
You (the Employer) will:
  • Be part of our Hugh Baird College guest speaker (industry insights) programme/roster.
  • Provide industry-related workshops to students: e.g. introduce a new technology with demonstration, practical workshops related to the industry (fashion pattern cutting, programming, coding, sensory treatments, green technology etc).
  • Be a link employer for our curriculum staff to inform them of any industry insights e.g. new technologies.
  • Contribute to live industry briefs to challenge students within a simulated working environment.
  • Be an industry panel member for student presentations of simulated employer challenges.
  • Provide work experience to our students (block/one day per week).
  • Support College staff development and upskilling through mentoring, buddying, or delivering advisory content.
  • Offer a Student Scholarship Programme.
  • Work with our Student Support Team to provide tips and support on interview techniques.
We (Hugh Baird College) will:
  • Provide a work-ready talent pipeline of new employees for your business.
  • Offer student-led services: e.g. website design, IT solutions, design solutions and branding etc.
  • Be a place for business collaboration e.g: use of campus rooms, space for short courses, conferences and events.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and networking with and between businesses.
  • Offer an employer in residency (e.g. the use of the photography studios, engineering workshops, where employers can book slots to use the equipment).
  • Offer lecturing opportunities to industry experts (opportunity to study a FREE module in teacher training with further progression opportunities available).
  • Support you with attaining social value targets.
  • Provide valued, quality-assured and customised CPD qualifications and courses to your employees.
  • Support the recruitment of apprentices and offer guidance on grant opportunities and funding.

Join the Pledge

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