Thornton College

Thornton College is our specialist centre dedicated to providing a caring and supportive environment for young people with learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities in the Liverpool City Region.

We work closely with Sefton Special Educational Needs Schools to provide the best possible place for students who need extra help and support, using our specialist facilities, expert approach and caring attitude.

We build on prior learning and provide a progression route to help students develop the skills necessary to achieve their individual potential. Thornton College holds the 'Makaton Friendly' status.

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About Thornton College

You will receive a warm welcome at Thornton College. All our learners are treated as individuals and our staff respond to their needs from the moment they contact the College to the moment they leave.

  • Effective communication with local schools to enable a smooth transition.
  • A safe and inclusive environment.
  • Dedicated Safeguarding Officer.
  • Access to financial packages to help with the costs of College.
  • Work experience opportunities that bring students face to face with employers (if appropriate).
  • Excellent links with Hugh Baird College and other local providers to aid transition to the next level of study.
  • Commitment to ensuring our students our healthy. As recognised by national healthy colleges award we have achieved.
  • Support for Care Leavers. Endorsed by the Frank Buttle Trust Quality Mark.
  • Commitment to the embedding of British Values.
  • Strong commitment to improving maths and English.
  • Classes that are regularly observed to ensure they are up to standard.
  • Access to financial packages to help with the costs of College.
  • A confidential counselling service.

At Thornton College we have staff who will make sure that you can get to your classes at the right time.

Staff are also available to help you use the canteen at breaks and lunchtimes, to help you in the classroom, and to make sure that you keep up with your work.

When you come along to talk about coming to College, we will explain how we can help you at College, and what will happen every day. Our staff meet students when they arrive at College every day.

They will make sure that you get to the right place at the right time, and if required, will spend time with you and your friends at break times. They can help you with whatever support you might need, such as eating, or going to the toilet.

Our Support Workers will help you in your classes. They will help you to understand the lessons and can help you with writing, spelling and organising your work.

We will help you to achieve your maximum potential, and we will take into account any learning that you have already done. We will also work with you to help you develop your life goals.

For the first six weeks that you are at Thornton College, your tutors will check to see what skills you already have. They will also find out which skills you would like, or need, to help you to live independently, get into further education or find a job.

If you have joined Thornton College from school we will also talk to your school so that we can understand what help you need. Once we have all of this information, we will plan a detailed learning programme for you. This will ensure that you can learn at a level and pace to suit your needs, abilities, interests and learning styles.

You will study a range of areas which will help you to develop your skills, and you will enjoy practical activities and projects which will help you to become as independent as possible.

You will gain qualifications relating to your achievements and interests and your progress will be recognised with a College Certificate of Progress.

Your classes will include:

  • Maths for everyday life (including managing money, time and measuring)
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Art
  • Home management (including cooking and healthy eating)
  • Everyday living skills (including being out and about in the community)
  • Work skills (including learning routines, health and safety, IT, applying for jobs)
  • Enterprise and charity work (including work and voluntary placements)
  • Enrichment (including a choir, woodwork club, sports clubs and photography club)

Thornton College has good, modern facilities to give you the right training and experience to learn new skills.

We have multimedia facilities, a horticulture room, kitchen and even a small apartment which will help you to learn how to live as independently as possible. The canteen and cafe area are attractive and spacious and also provide drama and performance space.

The extensive grounds include an allotment area and sports facilities.

When you come to Thornton College you will have lots of help and support from the staff.

They will help you to get around the College, keep up with your work, and to enjoy yourself with friends at lunch and break times. Different students will study different courses, and you will be able to choose the activities which interest you.

The information below gives you an example of what you might do during a day at College.

8:50am: Arrive at College
Your transport will drop you off at Thornton College, where you will be met by our friendly team of Support Workers.

9am - 12pm: Morning lessons
In your class groups, you will meet your tutor for the morning lesson. Support Workers will stay with you in your lessons in case you need any extra help. During the break, there are a wide range of hot and cold drinks available to buy in the canteen and you will also receive a free healthy breakfast. If you need any help, the Support Workers will assist you.

12pm - 1pm: Lunch
You will receive a choice of free hot or cold lunches from the canteen, or you can bring your own packed lunch with you. If you need any help with money, making choices or even carrying items, the staff will assist you.

1pm - 3:30pm: Afternoon lessons
In your class groups you will meet your tutor for the afternoon. Support Workers will again stay with you in your lessons in case you need any extra help.

3:30pm: End of the College day
Staff will supervise as you leave College.

A lot of your work will be developing practical skills, so you may not need to sit an exam. For example you might need to show how you would travel on a bus, or prepare a snack.

You can progress on to further study at College, go into employment or supported employment or independent living.

Our staff can help you with information about Thornton College, and can arrange for you to discuss the College and courses with teaching and support staff.

Please contact the college on 0151 934 4811 or email

Thornton College Manager
Tel: 0151 934 4811

Care Assistant Team Leader
Tel: 0151 353 4421/4552

Student Services at Hugh Baird College
Tel: 0151 353 4444

Thornton College,
Edge Lane,
L23 4TF

0151 934 4811