How Hugh Baird College Students Gain Real-World Experience

At Hugh Baird College, our emphasis goes beyond the confines of classroom learning; we're committed to unlocking real-world experiences and building valuable connections with employers that directly benefit our students.

In the second term of this academic year, we've hosted a wide variety of events for our students, in collaboration with our industry partners. Explore how these initiatives are moulding our students into versatile, ready-for-industry professionals:

A Day of Innovation and Insight for Aspiring Game Developers

Digital and Media students recently welcomed Lucid Games, a leading game development company, for an enriching event. The visit featured presentations by Lucid Games’ experts, giving digital and media students unique insights into the game development process.

Lucid Games, renowned for its innovative approach to game design, has developed notable titles such as “Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions” and “Destruction All-Stars.” They have also collaborated on major projects like “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Apex Legends.”

CyberHub Project Workshop on Digital Skills

The Cyberhub Trust hosted a workshop with our Digital and Media Students this week. They covered key topics like the importance of personal branding, using LinkedIn effectively, and improving presentation skills.

This practical advice is crucial for our students’ professional development, offering them insights into navigating the digital world more successfully.

Students Gain Hands-On Experience at Persimmon Homes

The Level 1 Brickwork students’ visit to Persimmon Homes was an important part of their work experience, giving them practical insight into the construction industry. They laid bricks on a new housing site and interacted with Josh, an apprentice at Persimmon Homes.

This experience allowed them to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting and learn from someone who is already working in the field. It was a great opportunity for the students to gain firsthand experience and understand what a career in brickwork involves.

Starship Group's Insightful Visit with Construction Students

Construction and Trades students recently had a visit from the team at Starship, for a talk about the industry and the latest building techniques, including modular housing.

Wirral-based company Starship Group, established in 2020, is known for its carbon-zero construction credentials and the utilisation of innovative technology specialising in constructing high-quality, affordable, and net-zero homes. Starship Group employs a panelised delivery approach to minimise waste and bolster local economies.

Electrical Students Complete Smart Home Training

Our Electrical students completed their smart homes installation training with Velbus. Students received training in programming, equipment maintenance and defect finding.

Velbus is a Belgian home automation brand and is part of the Velleman Group. The company has 20 years of experience in home automation and 50 years of know-how in electronics development.

The skills the students learnt are essential for working with automated heating and boiler controls and air conditioning.

Prince's Trust Complete Community Project

Over the past few weeks, our Prince’s Trust Team 23 students have completed their chosen community project at Kirkdale Community Centre. They refurbished and decorated the student youth café and sports hall.

Nurse Sarah's Aesthetics Workshop for Health Students

Our Health and Social Care students had the fantastic opportunity to learn from Sarah of 'Nurse Sarah Training.' She offered an insightful talk on aesthetics, detailing both the practical process of treatments and the entrepreneurial journey of starting her own business.

Her visit provided invaluable insights into the aesthetics industry, inspiring students with real-world applications of their studies.

Lakin Returns to Inspire Future Midwives

Former Hugh Baird College student, Lakin, now a midwifery student at Edge Hill University, came to campus to chat with our Access to Higher Education students about her experience and where she is now. Lakin gave our students great tips for success on the course and tips for studying midwifery.

Masterclass in Brow Aesthetics for Beauty Students

Emma Hendrick Jones recently visited to share her expertise on 'Brow Mapping' with beauty students, offering an insightful demonstration and discussion on the technique. Highlighting its benefits and detailed procedures, Emma's session provided a comprehensive overview that not only educated but also inspired those in attendance.

Thornton College Floristry Masterclass

Florist Amanda Jayne Doyle came to Thornton College for a floristry masterclass providing students with an insight into the world of flower arranging.

Floristry Students Master Macrame with Marie McCormick

Our Level 2 Floristry students recently enjoyed a Macrame workshop led by Etsy trader Marie McCormick, where they each crafted their own plant hanger. This session not only enriched their floristry skills but also introduced them to a valuable craft, expanding their creative repertoire.

Plumbing students complete employer-led project

Plumbing students embarked on a groundbreaking project last November, in collaboration with Cadent Gas. Originally tied to a pilot scheme in Ellesmere Port, the project has taken an exciting turn with the selection of a new location for the pilot. Our students have been at the cutting edge, tackling a significant real-world challenge set forth by Cadent - to incorporate hydrogen fuel into the energy mix for Whitby Village. The task involved a unique situation within a cul-de-sac, where the majority of homeowners (15 out of 20) were eager to transition to hydrogen.

This initiative has not only demonstrated our students' advanced skills and innovation but has also highlighted their capability to devise practical solutions to real-life problems.

Exploring Job Prospects with The Jockey Club

Our Travel and The Visitor Economy and Hospitality and Catering students recently benefited from an invaluable employability talk by Cassie Saunders from The Jockey Club. Cassie shared a wealth of information about the diverse job opportunities available at the Grand National 2024, offering students a glimpse into the exciting career paths in event management, hospitality, and tourism.

Her insights not only broadened our students' understanding of the industry but also highlighted the practical skills needed to succeed in such roles.

Insights from UK Floristry Judges

UK Floristry Judges Lynda Owen and Kate Whelan recently visited our Floral Design department to share insights into floristry competitions and the marking process with our students. They provided a design brief and explained how entries are evaluated and graded in competitions. This session offered our students a clear understanding of what is expected in such contests and how to approach their floral designs to meet these standards.

Catering Students Explore Hilton Liverpool

Our Catering students enjoyed an enriching visit to the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool, where they were treated to an informative talk about career opportunities in the hospitality industry. Additionally, they were given a guided tour of the hotel's facilities, offering them a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a leading hotel. This visit was a crucial part of their preparation for starting work experience at the hotel next week. It provided them with useful insights into their future roles and the expectations of a professional hospitality environment, setting the stage for a successful work experience.

Media Makeup Students' Masterclass Experience with Kylie Cosmetics

Our Level 2 Media Makeup students attended a Kylie Cosmetics Masterclass at Flannels in Liverpool, where they had the opportunity to learn new makeup techniques from some of the industry's most talented artists.

This hands-on experience provided them with insights into the latest trends and applications in makeup, enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field. The masterclass was not only educational but also an inspiring session that allowed students to explore their creativity and refine their techniques with professional guidance.

Sefton Sixth in the Big Apple

A-level students at Sefton Sixth Form College recently embarked on a journey to New York City. Their initial two days were filled with explorations of Times Square, the United Nations headquarters, Grand Central Terminal, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial and the Empire State Building.

They ventured through Central Park, enjoyed a Broadway show, and visited renowned landmarks including the Brooklyn Bridge, The Plaza Hotel, Radio City Music Hall, and concluded with a visit to the Barclays Centre to watch a game between the Mets and the Cavaliers.

Bridal Makeup with a Pro

Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson recently shared her expertise in bridal makeup with our Creative Makeup degree-level students, offering insights into industry techniques, trends, and career advice. Her session covered essential tips for aspiring makeup artists and how to navigate the bridal beauty sector.

Students gained valuable knowledge on starting their careers in makeup, enriched by Cathryn's professional experiences and personal touch.

Masterclass in Bridal Hair Techniques

Maria Bond recently visited our Hairdressing students to share her expertise in bridal hair styling. During her session, she demonstrated various techniques, discussed her extensive experience in the industry, and covered essential topics such as pricing, time management, and the significance of technique on wedding days.

Maria's insights into the demands and rewards of wedding day styling offered the students a realistic glimpse into a specialized area of their future profession.

Catering Students Take on the Doner Challenge

In a recent group competition, our Level 2 Catering students were tasked with developing their own ‘I Am Doner’ concept, showcasing their culinary creativity and business acumen. The competition was judged by Paul Baron, the owner and founder of I Am Doner, Lyndsey, the social media manager, and Rudy, the manager of the Bootle shop.

Their participation brought real-world industry perspective to the event, offering the students a unique opportunity to present their ideas and receive constructive feedback from professionals experienced in the food business sector.

Tennis Coaching Masterclass with John Fenton

John Fenton, a tennis coach from Waterloo Tennis Club, recently conducted a coaching masterclass for our BTEC Sport students. This session was an enriching experience, offering the students a chance to learn specialist tennis skills and techniques. Through John's guidance, they gained insights into advanced playing strategies, enhancing their understanding of the sport.

This summary showcases our dedication to offering students a variety of meaningful interactions with employers, equipping them for prosperous careers.

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