Health & Wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle is important for both students and staff, and we’re passionate about creating a healthy college environment, to help keep everyone happy, active and at their best.


Health and happiness

Health and wellbeing isn’t just about eating well or exercising. We work with students and staff all across the College to promote a rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle, with a strong focus on mental health and social interactions.

We began our approach to becoming a 'Healthy College' back in 2009, and since then we’ve implemented a whole range of healthy initiatives across our campuses.

From free, healthy breakfasts to help you start the day in a morning, to help stopping smoking or giving up alcohol. We’re committed to helping everyone at College be as happy and healthy as possible.

A healthy college is the term given to a further education institution like Hugh Baird, which has shown it’s committed to promoting a healthy environment on campus and amongst staff and students.

We appointed our first Health & Wellbeing Coordinator in 2009, and in 2014, we won the Healthy FE College Award.

We offer lots of different activities, programmes and initiatives around the College – all throughout the year – to help you get involved and stay healthy.

You can take advantage of our free healthy breakfasts every morning. We have a dedicated sexual health and wellbeing centre at The POD, where you can register for a C Card and get free condoms. And we have our expert support team who can help you with healthy lifestyle choices.

Our team are also available to help with your mental health too. If you’re experiencing any problems in college, or you need help with bullies, we’re here for you. You might also want to get help to stop smoking or stop using other drugs.

Being healthy – both in body and mind – is essential if you want to succeed at college, university and in your future career. We want to make sure you can make the best choices about your health and your opportunities.

There have been lots of studies about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and lots of research on how Healthy College initiatives can be hugely beneficial to students, staff and the whole college environment.

We believe that being a Healthy College helps us bring positive change to the community, promoting emotional and physical wellbeing amongst us all.