Sport and Public Services students ‘Meet the Professionals’

Students and staff from Hugh Baird College’s Sport and Public Services department recently hosted a ‘Meet the Professionals’ event in order to broaden their knowledge of career paths in their related subject areas.

The event featured a number of industry specialists who were once Hugh Baird College students themselves and who have since gone on to forge careers in the Sport and Fitness industry.

There were common themes that ran through all sessions during the day. These included; how to make exercise fun and accessible to all and how exercise can benefit your social life and your mental wellbeing. In addition, many of the ex-students spoke at length about the business and marketing skills that they needed to develop and the importance of growing your businesses reputation on social media with client testimonials.

Sessions delivered throughout the day included; circuit training, high intensity interval training sessions, Pilates, Yoga, Olympic weightlifting and much more.

The first presentation and session of the day was delivered by ex-Hugh Baird College Sport student, Jase Porter, on ‘finding your niche’. The session looked at the determination it takes to be successful in the industry and looked at Jase’s career journey. Jase is the Director of ‘My Fitness Agent Ltd’ and is also the founder of the ‘Fitness Professionals Awards’.

Jase said:

It was great to be invited in as an ex-student of Hugh Baird College to meet with the leaners who are in exactly the same position as I was just a few years ago. It was important for me to make sure that each student left my session feeling inspired and motivated. Hugh Baird College and the course I studied played a huge part in I where I am today, but I really wanted the students to understand how hard you have to work to build your fitness business and most importantly, your reputation.

Another ex-student who returned to meet with students was Vicky Woods. Vicky studied Personal Training at the college and now runs her own Personal Training business. Vicky spoke to the students on ‘staying relevant’ within the Sports Industry. She also ran a demanding high intensity interval training session with the students in order for them to pick up tips on session delivery and how to tailor classes to the differing fitness levels of those taking part.

Vicky said:

I started my fitness journey at Hugh Baird College and it was great to come back. The fitness industry is crying out for fresh new instructors and classes to get everyone involved in exercise. I loved being able to come back and deliver a class. The students threw themselves into it and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Former student, Tom Lamkin, gave the students the opportunity to learn more about low impact fitness sessions in his presentation on ‘Embracing the Silence’. Tom, who is a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, explained the growing popularity of fitness sessions that increase flexibility and enable those taking part to experience and practice mindfulness.

Tom said:

I loved being back at Hugh Baird College and I was really honoured to have been asked. Even better was the fact that I got to teach a yoga class. As an ex-student, it’s important to me that I keep in touch with the College and show current students the opportunities available to them once they finish. I can’t wait to be back!

Amy Crowley, Hugh Baird College Health & Fitness Instruction student, said:

I really enjoyed the ‘Meet the Professionals’ event, it was great to meet experts in the field who opened our eyes to the wide range of opportunities available to us in the Sport and Fitness industry.

Michael Carney, Hugh Baird College Lecturer in Physical Education, said:

The ‘Meet the Professionals’ event was an amazing opportunity for our students. They got to network with industry leaders and gained insights into the challenges and opportunities facing fitness instructors in the modern climate. It was even better that these professionals were ex-students of ours. It gave the current students motivation and showed them how successful they could if they believe in themselves put their full effort in to their courses.

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