5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Are you struggling to fall asleep or remain asleep during the night? You're not alone; 1 in 3 of people suffer from insomnia in the UK.

A good night's sleep is essential to assist brain function and protect your physical health. As well as this, high-quality sleep also improves individuals' mood, attention levels and positive decision-making.

The question is, what can we do to help ourselves to avoid suffering from insomnia symptoms?... See below 5 tips on how to achieve a night of high-quality sleep.

1. Create a sleep routine.

A consistent sleeping pattern is a great tactic to improve your sleep quality. Try to go to bed and get up at approximately the same time every day (and even on the weekends), as this will help your body get into a better routine for sleeping.

A woman in bed
2. Winding your mind down before getting into bed.

Relaxing your mind and body before attempting to fall asleep is essential. Techniques include reading a book, having a long bath and meditation.
But most importantly, make sure to take a break from technology before you try to fall asleep!

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3. Physical exercise.

By staying active in the day, you are increasing your chances of being more tired in the evening when you are trying to sleep, which in turn helps you to fall asleep quicker!

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4. Caffeine.

Manage your caffeine consumption, and make sure not to have caffeine close to when you go to bed.

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5. Regulate any worries you are suffering from.

Worries can be a significant factor that keeps an individual up at night, and by managing this, your brain will be able to switch off more easily.
You can combat your worrying thoughts by speaking to someone you trust or writing down and rationalising the issue you are concerned about.

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