10 random acts of kindness to make someone's day

17 February is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day for promoting and celebrating kindness and all the small and big things you can do to put a smile on the faces of strangers, friends and family.

Whether it be the simple act of opening a door for a stranger or offering to buy your friend a Costa, random acts of kindness can go a long way to making somebody feel valued

You can often make somebody’s day with even the simplest actions so to celebrate the Random Acts of Kindness Day, here are 10 things you could do to help spread kindness around the Hugh Baird College community:

1. Text someone good morning or good night

It takes very little time and who doesn’t love a good morning message when they wake up?

2. Send a letter to a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while

Haven’t seen a family member of friend for a while? Don’t just text them, send them a letter so they know how special they are to you.

3. Start a piggybank for charity

Have some loose change? Why not put it in a piggy bank and watch as over time, it adds up and then donate the money to help somebody in need!

4. Pick up some rubbish you find on the floor

Help make your local community look even nicer and help the environment by picking up rubbish and make sure you don’t drop any yourself!

5. Give your friends a compliment

We all love a compliment so why not spread the love? You might even get one back!

6. Leave a positive comment on somebody’s social media post

Social media can be a nasty place sometimes so it’s time to spread the love and kindness!

7. Offer to help out in the kitchen

Does somebody always cook for you? Offer to help out or even cook the meal yourself and let them put their feet up.

8. Clean your house

If your house is looking a bit untidy/unclean, help out by cleaning up, dusting or even washing the floor!

9. Have a family/friend board game night

Spend too much time on your phone? Have a family/friend board game night, switch off your devices and enjoy everybody’s company.

10. Leave a nice note in a library book (on a separate piece of paper)

If you have taken a book out of a library, why not leave the next person a nice note to make their day? Just make sure you don’t write on the book or offer spoilers!

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