Mental Health Awareness - Level 2

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Balliol Road Campus

Course Details

This course will enable you to develop knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to working in the Health sector and promoting mental wellbeing.

The course covers various mental health conditions, signs and symptoms and strategies enabling individuals to adopt methods in order to support the management of their condition.

  • Unit 01 Understanding mental health (T/504/0482)
  • Unit 02 Understanding stress (M/504/0481)
  • Unit 03 Understanding anxiety (Y/504/0488)
  • Unit 04 Understanding phobias (H/504/0493)
  • Unit 05 Understanding depression (M/504/0495)
  • Unit 06 Understanding postnatal depression (T/504/0496)
  • Unit 07 Understanding bipolar disorder (L/504/0553)
  • Unit 08 Understanding schizophrenia (M/504/0562)
  • Unit 09 Understanding dementia (A/504/0564)
  • Unit 10 Understanding eating disorders (R/504/0571
CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health
1pm to 4pm every Monday for 10 weeks.
  • Further training
  • Employment

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