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Get Ready for Sixth Form

Live Broadcast

Virtual Event: Live Broadcast

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This live online event is for both those who have applied, and those who are yet to apply, to study A-levels at the Hugh Baird College South Sefton Campus.

You're about to begin a new and exciting chapter in your life and to make sure you're fully prepared to enjoy every moment of it, we’d like to invite you to join a ‘Get Ready for Sixth Form’ live broadcast.

The schedule:

  • Welcome from Joe Poole, Director of the Soufth Sefton Campus (Sixth Form Centre)
  • An introduction to the Faculty of Business, Humanities & Social Sciences by Sally Porter, Senior Curriculum Lead for Business, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • An introduction to the Faculty of Creative Arts & Languages by Paul Fitzpatrick, Senior Curriculum Lead for Creative Arts & Languages
  • An introduction to the Faculty of Maths, Science & Health by Ruth Mead, Senior Curriculum Lead for Maths, Science & Health
  • The POD Student Services support
  • Q&A with Joe Poole, Sally Porter, Paul Fitzpatrick, Ruth Mead and The POD Student Services
  • Next steps, with Joe Poole
Live Broadcast