The Visitor Economy (Travel & Tourism) - 14-16 College

2 years
Balliol Road Campus

Course Details

Do you dream of travelling the world and seeing everything the globe has to offer? Are you interested in being part of the Liverpool City Region’s diverse, exciting and growing visitor economy? If so, this option is for you.

Liverpool City Region’s visitor economy now support over 50,000 jobs and generates over £4billion to our economy. Our region also attracts over 56million visitor annually. It’s never been a better time to have a career in this sector.

  • UK Travel and tourism sector
  • UK travel and tourism destinations
  • International travel and tourism destinations
  • Travel and tourism customer experience
  • Travel and tourism business environment
  • Factors affecting worldwide travel and tourism
  • Organising a travel and tourism study visit
  • Travel and tourism employment opportunities
BTEC Certificate in Travel and Tourism
  • College
  • Apprenticeship
  • Event Manager
  • Cabin Crew
  • Travel Agent
  • Check-in Attendant
  • Tour Guide
  • Airport Operative
  • Cruise Ship Represenative
  • Tourism Officer
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Baggage Handler
  • Airport Information Assistant
  • Aircraft Ground Handling Agent
  • Airport Security Officer

Entry Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that we are often asked:

No, the Government funds all college places up to the age of 19.

No. It is entirely a choice for you and your family.

Each department has workwear that reflects the subject area and how employees in that industry dress. The pictures in the brochure and on this website give an idea of how the different outfits look.

At Hugh Baird College, everyone wears a coloured lanyard to show who they are – both staff and students. These are all different colours depending on which department you belong to. All Hugh Baird 14-16 College students will wear lanyards that are two-tone blue. It is important that you wear yours every day to gain access to the College.