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Supported Internships

Supported internships are a structured study programme based primarily at an employer’s premises.

They enable young people aged 16-24 with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN), or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to achieve sustainable paid employment by equipping them with the skills they need for work, through learning in the workplace.

Supported internships are unpaid, and last for a minimum of six months. Wherever possible, they support the young person to move into paid employment at the end of the programme. Alongside their time at the employer, the young people complete a personalised study programme which includes the chance to study for relevant substantial qualifications (if appropriate) and English and maths.

Who can apply to undertake a Supported Internship?

  • People aged between 16 and 24, with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and/or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  • Applicants must have an aspiration to gain employment and must be prepared to work hard.
  • Applicants should be eager to become more independent and more confident.

How does the application process work?

  • Complete the form below
  • You will receive a call back from a member of the College’s Learning for Life team so you can ask more questions and we can assess your suitability for the programme.
  • If we feel the programme is right for you, we will write to you to invite you in for an interview. The interview will be the same as a job interview, so it is important that you prepare and dress in a professional and business-like manner i.e. a suit for males or a smart dress for females.
  • Once you have attended your interview, we will send you a letter within 10 days. This will let you know if you have been successful and will inform you of what happens next.


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