Hospitality and Visitor Economy Industry Career College

Industry Partners

We have extremely close links with industry partners, which will ensure that you can take advantage of some great employment opportunities including work experience and apprenticeships.

You will also have visits and mentoring from guest industry figures and opportunities to enter national competitions.

Liverpool Hoteliers Association

Hilton Worldwide


Signature Living

Yacht Club Liverpool

Adam Franklin, Chef Proprietor at the Yacht Club Liverpool and Food Consultant:

“As someone passionate about the hospitality industry, I was delighted to work with the L20 Hotel School at Hugh Baird College to mould a full time hospitality offer that will enthuse and engage students at 14. People like to learn in different ways and school isn’t for everyone, some young people who are disengaged with school often thrive when they learn to make something with their hands, and the earlier they can get the chance to do this the better.

I especially welcome the introduction of the Career College concept at the L20 Hotel School, as it addresses a skills shortage that has been identified by Liverpool’s Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in Liverpool’s Visitor Economy.

Liverpool’s Visitor Economy continues to go from strength to strength. 56 million visitors are attracted to the city each year and they spend £3.4bn in the local economy which supports 46,000 jobs. So there will be hospitality jobs available to young people. These jobs will be on their door step to begin with, but have global potential. However, these young people must have the right work ethic and the skills needed to hit the ground running when industry comes calling. The Career College at Hugh Baird College’s L20 Hotel School will help ensure this is the case and promises to give those with a passion for hospitality the opportunity to embark on an exciting and limitless career in the hospitality industry.”

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