Two Canoe Across Scotland

15 November 2017 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Hugh Baird University Centre

Two Canoe Across Scotland

Join us on the 15th November to hear the story of Matt Giblin and Nick Cunliffe's canoe adventure across Scotland.

In July 2017 Matt Giblin and Nick Cunliffe undertook a canoe journey which saw them start in Mallaig on the West Coast of Scotland and finishing 8 days later in Perth on the East coast. The trip included paddling the great lochs and rivers of Scotland and several epic portages (31hrs of them to be exact) including the notorious Rannoch Moor. Join them at the Hugh Baird University Centre to hear their story.

Here is a excerpt from their blog about the trip:

"Struggling under my portage pack’s tiresome weight, I climbed the final twenty metres to the top of the dam wall at the west end of Loch Quoich, deep in Scotland’s northwest highland wilderness. After two days of lining, dragging and carrying, we could finally look forward to covering the next fifteen kilometres by sail and paddle power. I reached the crest, excited to see the landscape unfold – and gazed in horror at the sight that greeted me. The view to the east revealed no expanse of water upon which to float; rather, a hellish valley of sand and mud that stretched for kilometres, an appalling portage and a serious blow to our prospects. I looked back at Matt, whose position did not yet afford him the advantage of my perspective."
"‘How’s the view?’ he shouted. ‘Is the loch still there?’ I said nothing and waited him for to make his own discovery."
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