The College recognises it has an explicit duty to safeguard and protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse.

The College:

  • Takes a positive approach to creating a culture and environment in which safeguarding children and vulnerable adults from potential harm or damage is a priority
  • Takes all appropriate actions to address concerns about the welfare of children and vulnerable adults
  • Works to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with other local agencies
  • Plans, implements, monitors and reviews policies and procedures to ensure the maximum is done to improve a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults welfare is minimised by appropriate:
    • Risk management
    • Health and safety procedures
    • Staff selection, recruitment, induction, supervision and training
    • Creation and promotion of an open culture of 'Whistleblowing'
    • React to and report abuse or suspected abuse

Meet our Safeguarding Team

Hugh Baird College’s Safeguarding Team is made up of eight Safeguarding Officers and a Safeguarding Coordinator. The Safeguarding Team are highly skilled and expertly trained in responding to suspicions, disclosures or observation of abuse.

Safeguarding Coordinator
Kerry Jones - contact number: 0151 353 4441.

Safeguarding Officers

Name Role Contact number
Pam Cotter Care Team Leader 0151 353 4444 ext 5883
Janine Hopewell Health and Wellbeing Coordinator 0151 353 4462
Kelly Shannon Retention & Progression Coordinator 0151 353 4640
Julia Fisher Retention & Progression Coordinator 0151 353 4498
Linda Marsh Retention & Progression Coordinator 0151 353 4466
Jenny Quinn Learning Support Manager 0151 353 4444 ext 5850
Matt Wilson SENCO/DSA Coordinator 0151 353 4444 ext 5920


Want to report a concern?

Send a confidential and anonymous message to the Hugh Baird College Safeguarding Officers.

Send a report